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Platform for cooperation between communities affected by mining of mineral resources

Aim of the project:
  build capacity of local communities to be able to effectively participate in present and future mining-related decision-making processes. 


In a context of increasing pressure to promote development in Estonia, citizens and communities affected by mineral mining increasingly need advice and knowledge on how to effectively contribute to these decision-making processes. Also, communities with similar questions and issues need an environment where they can communicate directly, share experiences and advice. However, there is currently no technical or organizational support system that would allow for such community-based communication and mutual empowerment. The core idea of ​​this project is to create a support system that could be complementary to national NGOs and serve as a stand-alone sustainable tool for empowering local communities.

The project will result in collaborative community members living in the mining areas who are aware of the mining process and use and maintain a common communication platform.


Project partners: NGO Purtse Jõe Arenduskeskus, Society of Estonian Mineral Resources

Project team in EELC: Kadi-Kaisa Kaljuveer, Lawyer and project leader; Merlyn Mannov, Lawyer; Katre Liiv, Communications

For further information: 
Kadi-Kaisa Kaljuveer, EELC, lawyer and project leader, phone: +372 742 4524,

The project "Establishing a platform for cooperation between communities affected by mining of mineral resources" is supported by Open Estonia Foundation and

Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations through Active citizens fund


Updated: 26/03/2020