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Participatory planning model

The project of Estonian Environmental Law Center (EELC) „Model of participatory spatial planning in local municipalities of Tartu county” aimed to create a model of participatory spatial planning in Tähtvere and Elva municipalities that are two municipalities in Tartu county.

In course of the project, lawyers of EELC together with a communication specialist monitored and advised municipalities and, in case of need, local non-governmental organisations in planning proceedings, thereby testing the recommendations for public participation in practice.

On basis of this, a model for participatory planning was put together, after introducing the draft version to both relevant municipalities and their NGOs. The final recommendations for participatory planning were also introduced to public and other municipalities in rural areas, by public seminar, media channels and trainings.

The project was funded by the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the  National Foundation of Civil Society and the whole budget was 11196,16 euros.