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Involvement of Society into Minerals Extraction Issues

EELC is a partner in the project „Involvement of Society into Minerals Extraction Issues“ lead by the Estonian Fund of Nature (ELF). The third project partner is Estonian Society for Mineral Resources (EMÜ).

The project aims to raise the decision-makers’ awareness of the public interest concerning mineral extraction in Estonia and suggest the best legal solutions for better engagement of the public. One aim is also to teach the public and local communities to better participate as a partner in decision-making processes.

In the framework of the joint initiative, citizens will be supported with free legal aid and practical knowledge to enhance their active participation. Activities also include legal analyses of current regulations and practice. Public events are planned to help people better understand the impacts of mining and possibilities for reducing and alleviating negative impacts.

The project activities are coordinated by ELF. EELC contributes with legal analyses, free legal aid and advocacy activities. EMÜ communicates with the communities that participate in the processes concerned with mining permits. EMÜ also coordinates and enhances the advocacy capability of the network.

Project period is 24 months, from March 2014 to February 2016.

In the project EELC gives free legal aid to affected communities and citizens in mining and use of mineral resources.

EELC’s analyses in this project are found in Estonian on EELC’s web page:

Analysis on Obligations Imposed on Companies in Mining Permits (pdf)

Analysis on Possibilities for Spatial Planning of Mining Areas (pdf).

Both analyses will be used for EELC's advocacy work in the field of mineral resources


The project is financed by the NGO Fund of EEA Grants, which is operated by Open Estonian Foundation.