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Enhancement of impact and visibility of EELC's activities

Enhancement of impact and visibility of EELC’s activities

In March 2013 started a 1-year period, during which we are focusing more thoroughly on planning, evaluating and introducing EELC’s activities, through a project “Enhancement of impact and visibility of EELC’s activities”.

Main actions during this project will be:

  1.  laying down a new strategy for EELC, for period 2013-2020, in order to have clearer focus on priority fields of action as well as substantive goals;
  2. putting together a new communication plan for EELC;
  3.  developing a methodology for EELC’s impact assessment, in order to measure the real impact of our activities better in the future.

From March to April 2013 we are collecting information and opinions from the key persons in field of environmental law as well as institutions and organisations, about the problems and needs in this field, as well as about possible future directions for EELC.

In May and June 2013 we will discuss strategic directions together with our advisory board and consulting experts, in order to have the new strategy, communication plan and impact assessment methodology ready by the autumn.

After that, the new plans and methods will be carried out in course of our daily activities.

The project is financed by the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs (field of regional development) and Estonian Civil Society Fund. The whole budget is 5924 euros.