Legal experts in environmental matters

Active Citizens Fund Institutional Grant

Purpose of the grant: 

The institutional grant enables EELC to fulfil its strategic goals. We mainly plan to take advantage of the grant during advocacy activities and building institutional capacity of EELC.

 1. ADVOCACY is focusing on our priority topics:

 2. INSTITUTIONAL CAPACITY BUILDING would lead EELC to more effectively fulfilling its goals and make our impact clearly understandable to clients and partners.

Period of the grant: 2022 - 2023

Amount of the grant: 100 000 euros

Team: lawyers Triin Jäädmaa, Tiina Georg, Kaarel Relve and Kärt Vaarmari, communications manager Katre Liiv and head of EELC Tarmo Treimann. External expert: Jaan Aps (Stories For Impact Ltd).


For further information, please contact Tarmo Treimann, phone +372 5650 2636,

The project "Considering climate arguments in environmental impact assessment " is supported by Open Estonia Foundation and Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations through Active citizens fund