Our programs that cover various topic areas are:

  • Dissemination of information on environmental law;
  • Environmental rights;
  • Good administrative practices;
  • Legal support to partner organizations.

Focus topic areas are:

  • Spatial planning of objects with significant spatial impact;
  • Noise;
  • Mineral resources – planning of mines;
  • Protection of Nature 2000 sites.

In addition to programs and focus topic areas, EELC will continue providing paid services as a social enterprise. EELC’s team wishes to be a good partner to all who might need advice related to environmental law and continue to ensure the best possible quality of the service as well as meeting the needs of the clients.

Putting the strategy together took us about a year, from this March it was funded by the National Foundation of Civil Society. Consultants Toomas Roolaid and Jaan Aps (latter on methodology for assessing our social impact) advised and guided us in the process.

For more detailed information on our new strategy, contact us via e-mail k6k@k6k.ee