Aim of the network is to increase the number, capability and impact of social enterprises and improve awareness of social entrepreneurship as a valued and important sphere of activity in Estonia. To achieve this, the network provides its members with information and advice, mediates cooperation between members, represents their common interests and acts as a developer and spokesperson of the field. SEN currently has 35 members.

EELC provides its paid services – legal counseling, analyses and legal opinions, trainings etc – as a social entrepreneur, i.e. using both the services themselves as well as revenues for achieving its statutory aims. EELC has provided services as a means to earn independent income since its foundation. In the last few years, we have put more emphasis on this area of activities. The aim is to ensure stable and sufficient resources for protection of public interests in the field of environmental law and its application in accordance with our statutes and strategy.

EELC became a member of SEN mainly for guidance and support of the network in communicating our impact and marketing our services. At the same time, it is also important for us to be able to take part of SEN’s advocacy work and share experiences with other members of the network. We hope that SEN will be able to clarify the concept of social entrepreneurship in Estonia and increase its popularity as well as improving the capacities of current enterprises.