Many NGOs have criticised the first list of PCIs adopted in 2013 as well as specific projects on the list. Justice&Environment, a network of environmental law organizations to which EELC also belongs, has pointed out with other NGOs that the public, including environmental NGOs were not really included in the decision-making. This is not just a formal mistake but has actually resulted in inclusion of controversial projects, not worthy of being called „common interest” projects in the list.

To examplify the problems related to public not being involved in the decision-making, three member organisations of J&E wrote case studies on controversial projects included in the 2013 list despite public opposition to them. One of the projects analysed was the LNG terminal that is being planned in Paldiski, Estonia which has been strongly opposed by Estonian Ornithological Society and Estonian Fund for Nature.

Justice&Environment and its members hope that arguments heard in drafting of the new list will not be limited to those expressed by project promoters and state agencies but civil society will also have effective opportunities to have a say in the matter. This is the only way to ensure that support and realisation of PCIs are truly in the common interests of European citizens.

J&E case studies on controversial projects

J&E press release

Joint recommendation of J&E and Bankwatch on improving the procedure for determining PCIs