The new  tool, so called „ participation check“, explores how well the participation process was planned and carried out via 14 criteria. Different aspects of public participation are addressed, e.g. planning of public participation, informing the public, giving reasonable deadlines to participate and providing easy access to the information.

The first project evaluated is the choice of location for the Rail Baltic high-speed rail link in Estonia. Regretfully, this mega-project that will most probably have the most significant environmental impacts in the coming decades scored only 2,6 on a  five-point scale.

In 2015, the EELC will test the new tool on several projects as part of a pilot phase. Based on the experience gained as well as feedback, we will further elaborate and polish the methodology. Hopefully the new tool will become a benchmark methodology that can be used in the future by both the officials as well as the general public for improving public participation opportunities.

If you are interested in the new tool or have ideas how to improve it, don’t hesitate to contact us at: